Dear Partners, Stakeholders and Supporters,

It is with both sadness and regret that the Dundas Living Centre Corporation Board of Directors and its membership announce their decision to dissolve the Corporation.

It has become very clear to us that in the current political environment and for the foreseeable future, we have little to no hope of meeting our goals to create an inclusive, community based home for our family members with developmental disabilities. We have exhausted every avenue through private, public and government options without success.

Despite early promises of support municipally and provincially, both levels of government struggled and failed to embrace the grass-roots, outside-the-box thinking that was the foundation of our Dundas Living Centre model and proposal.

Representatives of government were unwilling to go beyond the norm of agency directed funding and to champion a family/community option for individualized funding for residential supports.

Our province is in serious trouble regarding planning for individuals with developmental disabilities. The time for innovative and unique models for residential supports is now. As a province we would do well to look to Australia where the option exists for individualized funding that goes directly to families to create community-based residential options which keep those with developmental disabilities in their communities and utilizing their life-long supports.

As a Board, and with our families, we want to thank each and every one of you who have walked this long path with us, supporting our dream in so many ways.

We very much appreciate your letters of partnership and tangible expressions of assistance which accompanied our proposal for funding and which spoke to our shared visions and ideals in support of individualized funding for residential planning and CHOICE.

It has been very difficult to let go of the dream of a residential model with so much potential, a dream that began more than 12 years ago.

Despite the dissolution of the Corporation, the need is still urgent and we continue to work, as individuals, to help our families who have few choices for residential supports for their family members.


The Board and Membership
Dundas Living Centre Corporation